Low hardness on bearing race

An interesting paper in « Case studies in Engineering Failure Analysis » published on ScienceDirect.com.

Presence of decarburization on rolled bar coupled with out of square forging can lead to the presence of decarburized layer on one of the faces of a bearing race. This decarburized layer gives rise to low hardness on the face of the race. A series of examinations including micro-structural and macroscopic examinations on the defective samples revealed out of square forging as a root cause for the presence of the decarburized layer on a part of the one of the faces of a bearing outer race. This paper brings out the detail of investigation carried out.

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Failure analysis of a nose landing gear fork

2017-02-02_09h26_14This paper presents a detailed analysis of a nose landing gear failure. The developed work comes following an accident occurred in which the nose of the landing gear’s fork of a light aircraft bent during landing. Nose gear failures are a high concern in the aviation industry. According to Federal Aviation Administration, in average 55% of aircraft failures occur during takeoff and landing while the remaining occurs during flight


Metallurgical investigation of different causes of center bursting led to wire breakage during production

2016-11-03_09h22_22A case study published in « Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis« , on january 2013.

Central bursting cause problem as it is hard to detect by means of surface check. In this paper, three broken wires which failed during production were investigated. In first two wires breakage took place due to formation of hard and brittle phase. In third case failure took place due to inappropriate drawing operations.

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A new article available online 10 November 2015 in « Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis ».

A temporary threadbar used for precast segmental construction broke during the post-tensioning stage before reaching the service load. Failure analysis showed that the premature failure of the bar was due to the presence of an arc strike. The arc strike effects on the material and threadbar integrity are studied. Read more….


Corrosion of Welded Joint in Alloy Steel Pipe

2015-11-15_10h33_54An interesting article published on 4 November 2015 in the International Journal of ELECTROCHEMICAL SCIENCE.

In this paper an investigation on corrosion behaviour of welded joints was performed to facilitate determination the causes of preferential degradation by corrosion of the welded metal (WM) and the heat affected zone (HAZ), in a welded pipeline of grade ASTM A355P5, used in a petrochemical plant as transfer line between a thermal cracking heater and a column which are part of an atmospheric distillation and vacuum (DAV) unit. It was found that the corrosion of the weld analyzed in this research has resulted due to its dendritic structure (pearlite, ferrite, complex carbide, bainite and martensite in localized areas), which reveals the lack of post welding heat treatment (PWHT). Read more …..


Hydrogen Embrittlement of Industrial Components: Prediction, Prevention, and Models


A paper find on ResearchGate and published in « Corrosion-Houston_Texas « – July 2016.

This paper gives an overview of the application of a model for structural integrity analysis of boiler tubes made of plain carbon steel exposed during operation to a local corrosion process and multiple hydrogen assisted degradation processes: hydrogen embrittlement and high-temperature hydrogen attack. The model is based on the correlation of mechanical properties to scanning electron microscopy fractography analysis of fracture surfaces in the presence of simultaneously active hydrogen embrittlement micro-mechanisms. The proposed model is practical for use as a predictive maintenance in power plants, as it is based on the use of standard macro-mechanical tests.

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Failure analysis of tube-to-tubesheet welded joints in a shell-tube heat exchanger


An article in progress in « Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis », Volume 7 (october 2016).

In this work, fracture failure of a shell-tube heat exchanger at the tube-to-tubesheet welded joints was investigated. Fatigue started at initial defects of the welded joint was confirmed as the failure mechanism of the heat exchanger. Bad welding and unsuitable expansion gave rise to the formation of initial cracks. The alternating stress comes from various reasons such as the resonant vibration.

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Failure analysis of a half-shaft of a formula SAE racing car

2016-07-05_16h47_58An article in progress in « Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis », Volume 7 (october 2016).

The formula SAE is a competition among students worldwide, where they are challenged to design, build and test a small formula-type racing car, following rules and specifications defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). In the present analysis, a premature failure of a half-shaft of the transmission system of a racing car occurred after circa 100 km of use. The results show that the alloy steel bar used for the half-shaft did not follow specifications, with a consequent lower strength and resulting in a material with insufficient loading capacity and fatigue resistance. As a consequence, the fracture process was a confluence of torsional fatigue crack propagation and overload ductile fracture through the spline section of the half-shaft.

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Failure analysis of edge discoloration of galvanized fuel tank

An interesting case study of failure analysis of defect on the surface of some galvanized fuel tank will be published on October 2015 in Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis 

A peculiar type of edge discoloration defect on the surface of some galvanized fuel tank was observed, causing significant appearance problems. In the study, the surface defect was characterized by visual inspection, optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive spectroscopic analysis to understand the source and mechanism of the defect. The paper presents the results of the investigation.

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Premature failure of heat trace stainless tube

A interesting paper in « Case study in Engineering Failure Analysis » published on ScienceDirect.comIn this case study, a premature failure of Heat Tube was observed. The corrosion product of failed tube indicated the presence of sulfur. This paper brings out the detail of investigation carried out. touche Read more