Corrosion of Welded Joint in Alloy Steel Pipe

2015-11-15_10h33_54An interesting article published on 4 November 2015 in the International Journal of ELECTROCHEMICAL SCIENCE.

In this paper an investigation on corrosion behaviour of welded joints was performed to facilitate determination the causes of preferential degradation by corrosion of the welded metal (WM) and the heat affected zone (HAZ), in a welded pipeline of grade ASTM A355P5, used in a petrochemical plant as transfer line between a thermal cracking heater and a column which are part of an atmospheric distillation and vacuum (DAV) unit. It was found that the corrosion of the weld analyzed in this research has resulted due to its dendritic structure (pearlite, ferrite, complex carbide, bainite and martensite in localized areas), which reveals the lack of post welding heat treatment (PWHT). Read more …..




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