SCC investigation of low alloy ultra-high strength steel

An interesting paper in « Chinese Journal of Aeronautics«  published on

The paper reports detail of investigation carried out. SCC behavior of low alloy ultra-high strength steel 30CrMnSiNi2A in neutral 3.5 wt%NaCl solution is investigated by SSRT with different strain rates under OCP, cathodic, and anodic polarization potentials, electrochemical measurements and surface analysis technique. The effect of strain rate on SCC behavior is analyzed and SCC mechanisms at OCP, cathodic and anodic polarization potentials are discussed in detail.

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Failure study of a railway rail

A interesting paper in « Case study in Engineering Failure Analysis » published on

In this case study, a failed railway rail which was used for heavy cargo trains was investigated in order to find out its root cause.

This paper brings out the detail of investigation carried out. 

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Corrosion in a carbon steel refinery hydrocarbon line

A interesting paper in « Case study in Engineering Failure Analysis » published on

An explosion and fire occurred at a refinery site leading to the evacuation of the site and to millions of pounds worth of damage to the facility. A laboratory investigation was carried out to establish the immediate cause and any underlying factors that may have contributed to the incident. This paper brings out the detail of investigation carried out.

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Capture Case studies IIEn ligne, un ouvrage de 460 pages regroupant des études de cas concrets  de défaillances  sélectionnés à partir des pages de  « Engineering Failure Analysis » 1997- 1999, édité by D.R.H. JONES, Department of Engineering – University of Cambridge, UK.

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Failure Analysis – Industrial Case Studies

This web site deals with industrially-derived case studies in forensic engineering and failure analysis, which are firmly grounded in the context of their legal, insurance and design consequences. The development of this interactive learning package follows on from existing web-based projects in learning support via on-line tutorials, focussed internet resources and detailed analysis and discussion of case studies in failure.

More at : Failure Analysis – Industrial Case Studies.

Airbus va accentuer l’inspection des poutres d’ailes de l’A380 –

Airbus a ordonné des inspections accrues sur les ailes de son très gros porteur A380 après avoir découvert des niveaux inattendus de fatigue du métal durant des tests en usine, a-t-on appris jeudi de sources industrielles.

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Cas Concrets – Des ruptures par fissuration progressive en fatigue

Avatar Cas ConcretsQuatre nouveaux cas d’analyses de défaillances survenues en service : burin de perforateur, axe pivot de roue, ressort hélicoïdal, arbre de commande fraise, à consulter dans la Mécatech du Cetim.

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Analysis of internal corrosion in subsea oil pipeline

A new interesting article in « Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis ».

Failure of a subsea crude oil API 5L X52 steel pipeline which led to oil leakage has been reported to occur after 27 years in service. Some leaks were found to form at the bottom of the horizontal API 5L X52 steel pipeline near an elbow section which connected the pipeline to a riser. The article present investigations to analyze the main cause of failure

More at : Analysis of internal corrosion in subsea oil pipeline.