Cas Concrets de défaillance de composants mécaniques

Avatar Cas ConcretsDes éléments de fixation corrodés en service, un mord retrouvé fissuré en stockage, un ressort de compression  rompu en fatigue. Quatre analyses de défaillances résumée sous forme de fiche. Ces quatre fiches d’analyse de défaillance ont été publiées il y a 25 ans dans la revue « Cetim-information », mais elles sont toujours d’actualité. Retrouvez les dans la Mécatech du Cetim.telecharger le doc

Failure analysis of a bridge crane shaft

A paper published in « Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis » on april 2014.

Failure analysis of a shaft used in a bridge crane has been carried out. The shaft fractured in the keyway with evidence of fatigue. The geometry of the keyway also promoted the initiation crack because the width and height were erroneously designed. It was concluded that all these factors produced fatigue failure.

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Failure analysis of the pulleys during the press-fit assembling process

A case study published in « Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis« .

This article highlights failure investigation of the pulleys during a press-fit assembling process. Pulleys are used to transmit power between rotational mechanical elements. Failure analysis was found that cooperative influence of higher carbon content with combination of elongated sulphides is reason for pulleys cracking. Steel cleanliness and homogeneous structure is an important factor for users of steel. The success of production process is connected with the optimal quality of steel.

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Hydrogen embrittlement failure of box-like link-plate

This paper present a failure analysis of box-like link-plate. The failed link-plate is fabricated from 42CrMo steel and the surface of internal hole is demanded to be induction-hardened.

Evidences indicate that the failure of link-plate is due to hydrogen. The possible source for hydrogen was introduced during melting and casting process. A great number of non-metallic inclusions in the link-plate material acted as traps of hydrogen.

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