Failure analysis of a diesel generator connecting rod


An article in progress in « Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis », Volume 7 (october 2016).


This paper presents the results of a failure analysis investigation conducted in a connecting rod from a diesel engine (18 V, four-stroke) used in the generation of electrical energy. The continuous output of the engine was 10.5 MW, at 600 rpm ; before the failure of the con-rod it accumulated 35836 service hours, working with a load factor of 80%.

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Needle Roller Bearing at Gudgeon Pin of Ginning Machine

A2016-01-14_09h23_47 paper published by IJRET (International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology).

In ginning machine where space is limited for driving the mechanism a Needle roller bearing having diameter of 20 mm is used in between connecting rod and head pin to give the relative motion between parts. As the continuous impacting of repetitive load on bearing, it fails with in shorter period of time if proper lubricant is not supplied by grease gun after 2 to 3 hours. While bearing are considered under observation it is found that bearing are fail due to brinnelling. So design and analysis of needle roller bearing is vital to calculate the life of bearing and to make sure whether this bearing is suitable or not. So it becomes mandatory in designing to calculate radial load applied on bearing as the bearing is rolling contact bearing, from this life of the bearing can be calculated and finally analysis by ANSYS software is done to find the result so that we can conclude for bearing.

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Analysis and Performance of Automobile Engine Components Considering Thermal and Structural Effects

automotive failuresAn article published in « International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology« , January 2014.

This paper presents an investigation report of effect of various parameters which affect the performance of an automobile engine. Almost all internal combustion engines have at least one connecting rod to transmit the thrust of the piston to the crankshaft, and as the result the reciprocating motion of the piston is translated into rotational motion of the crankshaft. From the viewpoint of functionality, connecting rods must have the highest possible rigidity at the lowest weight capable to withstand varying loads. It has been found that structural failure of various components results in engine missing and starts producing noise and vibration during racing, mileage gets affected and black or white smoke arise also pickup gets reduced. In automobile industry damaged or broken parts are generally too expensive to replace or repair especially in case of engine. In this concern they presented detailed analysis of causes along with preventive maintenance suggestion schedule for better engine life. 

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