Effect of Hydrogen Charging on the Wear Behavior of Spring Steel

spring-steel-wireAn article published in the « International Journal of Engineering Science and Computing« , June 2016.

Spring steel is a prominent piece of material in industrial and automotive application. Hydrogen embrittlement (HE) is an inherent phenomenon, which will occur during the course of service life, at the same time it has to sustain a variety of loads acting on it. Among all the wear of spring steel plays a vital role. Hydrogen embrittlement leads for pre mature failure of the component. In view of this, an attempt was made in this experimental study to performance of hydrogen embrittled spring steel (EN-47 / SAE 6150/SUS 10) under the dry sliding condition. The specimen preparation and the experimentations have been carried out according to the ASTM standards. The experiments performed based on plan of taguchi technique. Cathodic charging is having been adopted for the embrittlement of the spring steel material. A known level of embrittlement has made, wear test has been carried out. Results have shown that, load and sliding distance is more pronounced on the wear of the embrittled spring steel material rather than speed.

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