Failure Analysis of Air Cooled Condenser Gearbox

A new article in « Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis » published on

Gears are very reliable components and normally work 5 to 6 years without failure.

This article is a case study of failure analysis of a gearbox which was failed in three months after its installation. The problem was identified by maintenance engineers through vibration monitoring of gearbox.

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Railway Wheel Defects Manual

Rail defects Handbook ASA 2An interesting publication of the Asset Standards Authority (ASA), an independent unit established within Transport for NSW of Australia.

Wheels with defective wheels may cause damage to both the track and the vehicle or lead to derailment. This Wheel Defect Manual  provides staff with a summary of wheel conditions under which wheels may continue in service and operating restrictions imposed for defective wheels found on vehicles operating on the RailCorp network.telecharger le doc