Contrôle d’implants dentaires inédits

Grâce à son partenariat avec le Cetim, Biotech Dental a validé expérimentalement son choix d’un nouvel alliage pour les piliers d’implants dentaires en faisant des essais de corrosion galvanique. Une première pour les experts du Cetim !

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Assessment of a gouge and dent defect in a pipeline

This paper pubished in Engineering Failure Analysis, deals with A37 steel pipelines containing a gouge and dent defect. The influence of the dent depth on the burst pressure of pipelines is evaluated for a given geometry of the gouge. Experimental burst tests are performed and finite element analysis is used in order to compare the numerical and experimental results. Experimental results showed that a combined gouge and dent defect does not reduce the burst pressure of A37 steel pipelines. These results contradict established research conclusions and the bulk of the literature on the subject. A combined criterion based on volumetric method and stress triaxiality is proposed for assessment of pipelines containing a gouge and dent defect.