Abrasive Wear Failure Analysis of Tungsten Carbide Hard facing on Carbon Steel Blade

This content has been downloaded from IOPscience, Series: Materials Science and Engineering 165 (2017),

This study investigate the abrasive wear failure of tungsten carbide hardfacing on continuous digester (CD) blade (carbon steel) in an environment of sulphuric acid and ilmenite ore mixture. Comparison being made on the hardness, thickness and microstructural of the hardfacing between unworn and 3 months old worn blade on few locations around the blade. The cross sections of the blade revealed non-uniform coverage of the hardfacing on the blade for both worn and unworn blade. The edge of the blade has the least amount of hardfacing thickness which with time acts as the point of failure during the wear process. The hardness obtained from both the unworn and worn samples are around 25% lower from the hardfacing electrode manufacturer’s hardness specification. Microstructural micrograph analysis of the hardfacing reveale

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Modes of failure of cemented tungsten carbide tool bits : A study of wear parts

2016-04-18_22h29_00An article published in « International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials », july 2015.

Tungsten carbide alloyed with cobalt (WC/Co) shows unique characteristics like high strength at elevated temperature and high mechanical and chemical resistance that makes carbide tools appropriate for cutting, drilling, mining and machining operation. A whole failure study is revealed within the paper. This study also discusses the failure mode of a tungsten carbide tools, its prediction and remedies.

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