Thermo-mechanical treated(TMT) rebar is suitable material for reinforcing concrete structures on accounts of similarity in thermal expansion, ability to bond well with concrete and, above all the ability to shoulder most of the tensile stress acting on the structure and also steel manufacturing industry has successfully developed a corrosion-resistant variety of rebar for the construction industry. As the TMT is the finish product thus proper control of rolling parameters and water box is needed to achieve adequate property. Water box plays an important role for achieving the final structure and property of the rebars.Water box is responsible for outer rim formation and which helps to achieve the yield strength of the material. The present paper highlights failure investigation of a failed rebar during bending operations. From Fractography and microstructural analysis it is confirmed that the rebar sample failed in brittle manner due to through harden martensitic structure and which indicates that there is some anomaly in water box resulting in these premature failures.

Source : Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis



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