Influence of Cracks on Shaft : A Review

A publication of the « International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) », august 2016.

Cracks are a threat to uninterrupted operation and performance of modern day machines. Cracks occur in rotating shafts where its detection is challenging due to inspection difficulties. The problem of rotating cracked shafts has two main features have been recognized as: (1) the local flexibility introduced by the crack in the surrounding of the affected shaft sections; (2) the opening–closing phenomenon of the crack during rotation called as breathing mechanism of the crack. Various researchers have studied the response of cracked shafts and the work on the diagnosis of cracks has mainly been based on the vibration signatures. Changes in vibration response in the form of frequency composition have been found to be useful crack indicators. These vibrationbased techniques have been applied to a variety of engineering structures, such as beams, trusses, rotors, etc. In this paper they review the influence of transverse cracks on a shaft.

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