Burst strength of glass fibre/epoxy composite pipes subjected to impact loading

An article discussed during the International Conference on Applications and Design in Mechanical Engineering 2015 (ICADME2015)


The main objective of this experimental study was to investigate the effects of low velocity impact loading on the pressure bearing capacity of the E-glass/epoxy composite pipes. The pipes were produced by the conventional filament winding technique comprises of six axisymmetric layers with (±55°)3 winding angles. The specimens were impacted at three different energy levels which are 5 J, 7.5 J, and 10 J using an instrumented drop weight impact testing machine (IMATEK IM10). The samples were then filled with water and subjected to burst test until distinct leakage failure is observed. The results indicate that the peak force and contact time increases with increased of impact energy. For impacted samples, the pressure tests show that the burst strength of the pipes decreases with increase in energy levels during impact loading. During the burst tests, several damage types named leakage and eruption were observed.

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