Mechanical Behavior of CNT-Filled Glass/Epoxy Composites in Marine Environment

An article published in the « International Journal of Current Trends in Science and Technology« .

In the present study, samples of glass/epoxy (GE) composites and Multi walled carbon nanotubes filled glass/epoxy (MWCNT GE) composites are conditioned in normal water and sea water for 7, 10 weeks. After conditioning the samples for 7, 10 weeks respectively, the tensile strength (ASTM D3039 / D3039M), hardness were measured and compared with that of un-conditioned samples. In the as fabricated condition, CNT (0.2%)- glass/epoxy composite showed the highest strength among all the other composites fabricate and the ultimate strength showed. Conditioned at sea water for 10 weeks shows better results in all mechanical properties like ultimate tensile strength and hardness than conditioned at normal water.

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