La fatigue à haute température des superalliages à base nickel – avec une attention particulière sur les modes de déformation et de l’oxydation

ScienceDirect – Engineering Failure Analysis : High temperature fatigue of nickel-base superalloys – A review with special emphasis on deformation modes and oxidation

Andre Pineaua, Corresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The Corresponding Author, Stephen D. Antolovichb


Low cycle fatigue, high cycle fatigue, fatigue crack propagation and thermo-mechanical fatigue in Ni-base superalloys are reviewed in terms of fundamental deformation mechanisms, environmental effects, and interactions between environment and deformation mode. These factors are related to the chemical composition and underlying microstructure for all currently-used product forms (i.e. powder metallurgy, wrought, conventionally cast and single crystal). The basic principles that are developed are used to show how both intrinsic and extrinsic variables can be manipulated to control fatigue behaviour and as a guide for formulation of engineering life prediction models.

Keywords: Ni-base superalloys; Low cycle fatigue; High cycle fatigue; Fatigue crack propagation



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